Stronghold Soccer Club

Coaching Staff

SSC coaches are professionals dedicated to player development, geared to maximizing player potential within the limits of physical and age-appropriate emotional maturity.

Most of the coaches hold high levels of coaching licenses with either the US Federation and/or various European federations. Many also hold educator degrees and/or have worked extensively with academic institutions. 

Nomenclature of Team Staff:

Head Coach / Primary Trainer

Supervises progress of team while conducting majority of training sessions and most matches; appointed after evaluation and approval by SSC Executive Officers

Secondary Trainer

An SSC trainer approved by the SSC Executive Officers, responsible for being familiar with team players, conducting periodic training sessions to offer a different perspective, and occasionally coaching on game day; a Secondary Trainer is appointed to each team


Team parent responsible for team logistics (uniforms, scheduling, tournaments, finances), for representing their SSC team at the SSC Team Managers Council and other functions, and in handling all communications flowing to and from SSC academy officials